Mark Jones Virtual Day of Dance


Join us for an online Molly Dance extravaganza

From: 11am until 1pm

Ouse Washes Molly Dancers are proud to present our first ever Virtual Mark Jones Day of Dance 2021 on Saturday 30th January 2021

Watch the show live on Facebook from 11am

This event also supports Help Musicians UK.

Broom Dance competition
We have 10 entries to the broom dance competition and the celebrity judges are Simon Care, Sue Marchant and Gordon Phillips. Simon Care is the head judge and will have the casting vote if there is a tie for first place. The audience can vote for their favourite dance on a poll in a specially created Facebook group. Details of how to join the group are on OW’s Facebook page. The audience vote will count towards the final scores. We have the celebrity judges votes already and the competition can still be won by any of the competitors so it is well worth voting. Simon Care will be playing a set of tunes during the time when the audience are casting their votes. The winner of the broom dance competition will be announced after the event on OW’s Facebook page.

Virtual dance spots featuring dancers and musicians from
Black Annis
Brummie Gems
Handsome Molly
Hornbeam Molly
Kitchen Sink Molly from California
Mepal Molly

Misfit Molly
Norwich Kitwitches
Old Glory
Rhubarb Tarts
Vancouver Morris Men
Ouse Washes Molly Dancers

Archive material from
Holly Copse Molly
Soken Molly Gang

We will be raising money for Help Musicians UK through a fund raiser on our Facebook page which will remain open until 28th February 2021.


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