Mark Jones Day of Dance 2016

Starting at The Cutter Inn, 42 Annesdale, Ely CB7 4BN

A feast of Molly Dancing from Ouse Washes and invited sides

From: 10:30 until 6pm

At: 10:30am at The Cutter Inn, Ely - 1pm at The Plough, Little Downham and The Anchor, Little Downham - 3pm at The 5 Miles from Anywhere, Upware

Address: Starting at The Cutter Inn, 42 Annesdale, Ely CB7 4BN

Joining us in our midwinter revels will be Black Annis Molly, Good Easter Molly Gang, Holly Copse Molly, The Norwich Kitwiches, Mepal Molly Men, Old Glory Molly Dancers, Ox Blood Molly Dancers and Seven Champions Molly Dancers.  With so many sides from different parts of the country you'll be sure to see a remarkable variety of dancing styles and hear some great music.

Look out for spectacular massed performances of Birds a-Building at the Cutter Inn and the Mississippi Mud Dance at the Plough and cheer on anyone brave enough to perform a Broom Dance.

Gordon Phillips, founder of Ouse Washes Molly Dancers, says:
"This event has become the largest get-together of molly teams in the country, but we didn't aim for that in the beginning.  We thought back then, don't remember exactly when, that it would be good to have a day in mid-winter when we danced in the places that it all comes from, or one of them, and get together with those friends we didn't dance with anymore."

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